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Visualize Your Golf Shot!

May 9, 2019

Are you the type of player that gets the yardage and then takes a full swing on every shot and hopes for the best?  Now imagine that before your shot, you stand behind the ball and mentally visualize the flight of the ball as part of your pre-shot routine.  This is a great way for you to mentally and physically feel how your body should react during the actual strike of the golf ball.  I would recommend practicing this technique prior to taking it to the golf course.

Here are some tips that will help you play better golf in 2019 and implement this into your golf game:

Driving Range

  1.      Warm up
  2.      Starting with a wedge, stand behind the ball and pick a target/green as your target.  Take a couple of practice swings to get the feel of what your body needs to do to make this happen.  Now hit the shot.  Keep repeating and make sure you start with visualizing behind the ball before every shot until your body is feeling what your mind is picturing.
  3.      Move to a 7 iron and repeat the above process.  Now I want you to stand behind the ball and visualize the entire situation – where are the bunkers, where is the pin located, where is the big slope in the green, etc… Now visualize where you think the ball should end up on the green to give you the best chance at making a birdie or a par.  Hit some shots trying to put the ball into that position.
  4.      Now move to a long iron or hybrid and keep repeating the process.
  5.      The final club should be the driver – imagine a fairway on the driving range as you visualize the shot behind the golf ball.  Take a couple of practice swings to let your body feel what your mind is thinking and then go through the process.  After you have practiced this, actually turn your practice situation into a real life golf round – imagine that there is out of bounds down the entire left side. So, visualize your drive with a slight fade on the ball or having the ball go down the right side of the fairway.  Always tee the ball up off the side of the trouble so you are aiming away from the trouble. Repeat.

Some of the best rounds ever played in the game of golf have been when the players had zero swing thoughts.  They were totally in the moment and visualizing/feeling every shot.  This is what I am trying to get you to achieve.  Practice this technique with every range session, short game, and putting green time that you put in so you can start implementing this into your golf rounds.

Final thought and challenge – this process will start with your driver, and follow through your fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putter - is to stand behind every shot in 2019 and visualize the shot.  Every drive hitting the fairway, all 2nd shots hitting the greens, every pitch or chip ending up close to the hole, and making every putt!  Do you have trouble hitting a certain shot – practice with visualization and then achieve the goal. A two foot putt – stand behind and see in your mind the ball rolling across the ground and going right in the hole.  Then, go through the process and make the putt.

I reference hole #1 at Terrace Park Country Club as I tee off; I picture my drive drawing off of the right bunker and ending up in the middle of the fairway, my 2nd shot will be a wedge shot into the green knowing that I want to keep the ball below the hole and avoid the front and side bunkers and making sure not to go long.  I visualize me marking the ball, reading the putt, feel the process with my mind and body during the practice swing, and then achieving my goal of making birdie on hole #1!  

Great Golfing!

Mike Kelly, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Terrace Park Country Club

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