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Protect Your Skin, but Please Remember the Turf!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

When I think of summer time, I think of swimming at the pool, outdoor concerts, backyard BBQ’s, golf, and bugs.  TPCC is fortunate to have a unique location with both the East Fork and Little Miami Rivers bordering our property.  Not only do they give us a unique backdrop to our golf course, they also provide habitat for interesting animals such as Bald Eagles, Beavers, Bass, and unfortunately Mosquitos.

Now that the temperature has warmed up and those pesky Mosquitos, Deer Fly, and Gnats are buzzing around the course, you’re going to want to protect yourself.  To battle those buggers, you’ll more than likely be applying a bug repellant containing DEET to keep them at bay.  These products, if applied to your skin while standing on turf, can cause severe damage to the turf.  As you can see in the picture below, the damage appears the next day as two perfectly fine footprints surrounded by a halo of browned turf.  This is because the turf directly underneath the foot doesn’t get hit with the product and the overspray lands on the surrounding turf, causing it to burn.  Often times it takes more than a week for the plant to heal from the damage.

Sherman cannot even bear to look at the footprints burned into the grass!

In addition to protecting your skin from mosquitos, you are also going to want to protect your skin from the sun.  Obviously, everyone knows to keep yourself from looking like a cooked lobster, you are going to want to apply sunscreen.  You guessed it, although not as severe as bug spray, spray sunscreen damages the turf as well!

So, the next time you are out on the course, please make sure that if you are going to apply any aerosol products, you do so on the cart path, or in the parking lot.  This will help minimize the number of oddly shaped halos from appearing on our course.  And, if you would like to read more on the topic, Iowa State University did a study for their 2015 Turf Field Day regarding aerosol sprays and turf damage that you can see here.

Enjoy your bug free/sunburn free round!

Scott LesChander
Grounds Superintendent

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