Membership Categories

  Our Membership Director is Kelly Cocanougher.
You can reach her at the Club by calling 513-831-3384, or e-mail ( with any questions you may have or to set up a time to tour the facilities and discuss membership.


Available for both the Single Golfer and Family of Golfers.

Regular Member(s) are those holding Certificates of Membership and paying the Regular Membership dues.  Regular Member(s) enjoy all the privileges of the club, including voting rights. In the case of a married couple, the membership is in both names with each having a one-half (1/2) vote.  Regular Member(s), together with their children under the age of twenty-four (24) residing in the Regular Members’ household, may enjoy all the privileges of the Club.  Children under twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by a parent when exercising such privileges.


Available for both the Single Golfer and Family of Golfers.

Limited members may not play or use the practice facilities before noon on weekends and holidays.  Limited members have secondary registration behind Regular & Junior members for tournaments and tee times between 12 and 1 p.m.  Limited members may play in tournaments starting before noon on weekends and holidays for an up-charge, space permitting.  This is a non-voting membership.


Available for both the Single Golfer and Family of Golfers.

Junior members enjoy all the privileges of the club but do not have voting rights.

-Members aged 36-39 are eligible for the J2 class.  The membership will automatically transfer to Regular upon the older spouse's 40th birthday.
-Members aged 21-35 are eligible for the J1 class.  The membership will automatically transfer to J2 upon the older spouse's 36th birthday.


Sport/Social Member(s), together with minor children, shall be entitled to use the entire Club with the exception of access to the golf course and practice facilities. Golf course and range access shall be limited to twice per month, per family member, paying the regular greens fees Tuesday through Sunday, with the exception of Saturday morning, when play will be allowed after 10 a.m.  Sport/Social Member(s) shall be entitled to invite guests to play golf twice per month. The twice per month golf privilege may be used to participate in the club’s golf events, except the club championships. This is a non-voting membership.

Golf Particulars:  May have guest; Must register in the Golf Shop; Greens Fees will be assessed for each player; A range fee of $5.00 per player is applicable.

2019 Annual Fee $325

Dining Only Members may dine at the Club for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, attend any of the Club’s social events, or host their own private parties. There are no monthly dues or minimums with the Dining Only Membership. Dining Only Membership does not include voting rights or privileges to the pool, tennis, fitness center, or golf. Dining Only Members are not permitted to golf as a guest of a member in any class.  This membership classification is open to new members or former members who have not been members in any class within the previous 24 months.

2019 Dining Only Membership fee is $325 per year, with no food minimums, monthly dues, or any additional fees. 

2019 Annual Fee $350


This is a membership designed for a business to have the ability to use the Clubhouse facilities for meetings, private events, and dining in a quiet Country Club setting. The Company, upon application and approval, may designate up to five (5) full-time employees to use this membership. There are no monthly dues required, nor are there any voting privileges associated with this membership.  All charges will be billed to the Company’s account.

For more information on TPCC Membership, please contact Kelly Cocanougher at the Club, 513-831-3384 or

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