TPCC Dress Code


Members are responsible for their guests’ attire.  Please be sure to inform your guests of the dress code in advance of arrival so that they are within the rules.

T-Shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and denim shorts are not allowed at the Club.

Upstairs Dining –

Gentlemen over fourteen (14) years of age may wear shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks, or medium (above the knee) length shorts.

Ladies over fourteen (14) years of age may wear skirts, slacks, medium length shorts, dresses, or “city shorts”.

Golf shoes are not allowed in the Main Foyer or the upstairs of the Clubhouse.

Tennis wear, tank tops, cargo shorts, caps, visors, cut-offs, halter tops, warm-up suits, bathing suits and cover-ups are not permitted.

Downstairs Dining –

The upstairs dining policies apply with the following exceptions:

(1) Golf shoes are permitted throughout the downstairs.

(2) Tennis attire and golf shorts are permitted for men and women at all times.

(3) Hats and visors (with bills facing forward) worn by men or women are permitted at all times.

(4) Denim Jeans will be allowed in the Grille and Miami Rooms:

Denim Jeans are described as jeans from waist level to the top of shoes. Cut-offs, patched, worn through, baggy, or low-rise jeans will not be allowed.

(5) T-shirts and Sweatshirts are never permissible.


The dress code is mandatory for all players.  Improperly dressed golfers will be asked to change before playing.  If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please check with the Golf Shop.  This policy is in effect 12 months a year. 

No Cargo shorts, shorts must be knee length, not below the knee.  Appropriate logo shirts will be allowed.

Shirts with collars and sleeves, mock turtle neck shirts or slacks are considered appropriate attire.  Hats and visors must have the bill facing front.  Shirts are to be worn tucked-in to slacks or shorts.  All golf attire must be free of holes, tears and frays.

T-shirts, fishnet tops, cut-offs, sweat pants, bathing suits, tennis shorts, athletic shorts, warm-up suits or jeans are not permitted.

Skirts, slacks, medium length golf shorts, and golf T-shirts are considered appropriate attire.

Halter tops, fishnet tops, bathing suits, sweat pants, tennis dresses, athletic shorts, warm-up suits, cut-offs, or jeans are not permitted.

Acceptable shoes must be worn at all times.  Metal or steel spikes are prohibited.  However, tennis and soft-soled shoes are permitted if approved by the DG or Golf Professionals.