History of Terrace Park Country Club

The introduction of golf in the Village of Terrace Park is credited to a Will Irwin who in 1898 returned from Scotland with a few golf clubs.  Irwin and his friends played this new game on the vacant lots and between the houses in the Village of Terrace Park.  In 1900 a club was formed and it was incorporated in 1910.  This instrument and the chain of events following brought about the Terrace Park Country Club as it is today.

After the incorporation, land adjacent to the Little Miami River was purchased which provided for a six hole course.  By 1927, increased interest in golf encouraged the acquisition of additional ground to provide three more holes, but the addition of the extra holes to make a nine hole course did not satisfy the enthusiasm of the golfers for better facilities.

A search was started in 1927, and in 1930 the Woodward Farm, located in Milford between the Little Miami and East Fork Rivers, was purchased.  Work was started on the golf course in 1930 and completed in 1931.  The first round of golf on what is now the Terrace Park Country Club was played by Al Werner, Charles Pease, Paul Jones, and Ferd Critchell.  Records do not indicate which player held the course record after the first round.

The swimming pool was built in late 1945 (same location as the present newer pool).  In December 1946, the Clubhouse was virtually destroyed by fire, with only the concrete portion (Grille Room addition) reusable.  Fortunately, the insurance had recently been increased and the claim was paid in full, which enabled the Club to rebuild.  Robert Critchell was hired as architect and by mid-1947 a new Clubhouse was built.  

The present Clubhouse reflects many improvements including a major renovation in 2008. 2008 also saw the construction of a new Golf Shop adjacent to the Clubhouse, allowing the old Golf Shop to be transformed into the Fitness Center.  The Pool Pavilion Bar debuted for the 2016 swim season while the Platform Tennis Courts with Warming Hut and Golf Practice Building opened the following spring.  A Pickleball court was added in 2019 with a second added in 2021.